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Conceal your IP address and surf anonymously to protect your privacy
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Exposing our IP address to every site you visit when surfing the Web is not always a good idea. Not only hackers can do wonders with that sensitive information, it can also become a barrier when trying to access sites that impose restrictions to IPs established in certain countries. Auto Hide IP will let you surf the entire Web anonymously, granting you full access to any site without revealing your true identity.

Auto Hide IP comes in a simple yet effective interface that can launch at startup if so desired, a useful feature that guarantees that your identity is protected at all times. All you have to do then is open your browser and start surfing the Web without revealing your real IP to prying eyes. As an extra protection measure, you can also set the program to change your fake IP automatically every X number of minutes. The country where your fake IP comes from is also customizable – Auto Hide IP offers you a wide range of servers and countries from all around the globe.

Browsing the Web with a fake IP not only protects your sensitive information from hackers and other identity thieves, but it also allows you to send e-mails anonymously by inserting your fake IP in your messages’ headers instead.

Auto Hide IP is not free from slowdowns, but then again no program that puts an extra layer between you and the Web is. This may be a major drawback for large downloads or when loading heavy pages, but in most cases, it won’t prevent you from enjoying your Internet experience as you did before. The only thing that will prevent you from using Auto Hide IP is your browser. Regrettably, this useful tool is only good for less than 20 % of all Internet users, i.e., those who use Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Opera. The remaining 80 %, consisting of users whose default or favorite browser is Chrome, will have to look for another solution instead. So, if you happen to be among the lucky 20 %, Auto Hide IP can be an excellent and hassle-free way of protecting your identity to the outside world.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Selectable fake country
  • Can change IP automatically every X minutes
  • Can be set to launch at startup
  • Works with IE, Firefox, and Opera


  • No support for Chrome
  • Slows down browsing speed
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